Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Homeschool Planner Sale

I am working on my plans for next school year.  Last year I planned out the whole year in a spreadsheet.  In the fall the spreadsheet fell miserable apart.  I didn’t know what I had planned.  Some days were behind while others were ahead and I had to open multiple spreadsheets just to know what to pull out.

By Christmas break I was fed up and started to think of a different plan.  I needed to get organized.  I needed to figure out how to plan for a year and then how to actually be able to follow it.  I needed to be okay if we got a little behind.  I then remembered my friend Jolanthe has a wonderful homeschool planner.

 Weekly Homeschool

I got my hands on the planner and haven’t looked back!  I was able to re-plan the rest of this year in no time.  Did we follow it perfectly no.. but since it was a digital planner I could make changes in re-print.  Or I could write in changes that I need to make.  This is a great planner with lots of different types of  pages:

  • Preschool planning pages
  • Field trip pages
  • Curriculum planning pages
  • daily to do list pages (you know I love lists)
  • 40 weeks of planning pages (but since its digital you can print out however many pages you need)
  • and many many more!
Weekly Homeschool

The planner is usually $20 but Jolanthe is having a spring 3 day sale.  So now (May 29th through May 31st) the planner is on sale for $12!  Just use the code MAYSALE at checkout! So go ahead and click:  Buy Now *wink* you know you want to!!


*I am required to tell you that I am a affiliate and by purchasing from the above links I will earn a small percentage of the sale.  However, I 100% would recommend this planner to anyone who plans to homeschool regardless of the affiliate program.  This is an amazing product and been a huge help to me!