Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Church Location

Our church got to big for the building we had been renting and we recently moved to a new location.  Tim runs sound for our church and was in charge of researching and buying a new sound system for the new location.  So this project has been going on for a while and we were both very glad to see it finished (or mostly.. still tweaking).

So with out further ado our old building on the last Sunday (in March):


We went from two services down to one and it was amazing to see our whole church body meeting at the same time for the first time in well over a year.  This was from the top balcony before the service started.  We had a packed house for our first Sunday there after people filtered in:


Love these guys and gals on the worship team:


A wonderful big foyer for people to talk and hang out:


So blessed to be a part of this amazing church and to see it grow over the past 10 years.  To think it all started out in a tiny classroom:


Thanks Tim for taking these pictures for me.. I was running the projector that first week but so wanted to capture the first Sunday :-)