Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nicia Turns 14!!

I am not sure how exactly that happened but I meet Nicia when she was 4 and this birthday made me feel very old!  Her birthday fell on the weekend.. but with lots of April birthday’s we weren’t able to celebrate that day.  We had a blast celebrating the next Saturday.  I was in the other room when these pictures took place.. all I know is they were all making silly faces and I can’t help but share them:


Tim’s Dad:


Tim’s Mom:


Reatha (Tim’s sister).. I heard that Tim missed the silly face picture here:


Nicia and I were hanging out in the other room:


We had Nicia’s favorite for dinner.. hamburger and hot dogs and pasta salad:


Nicia opening some of her gifts.. we all wrapped them in Justin Bieber Christmas wrapping paper (I had to look up how to spell his last name Smile with tongue out).. she doesn’t like him anymore which made it a very fun joke!  We couldn’t resist buying the wrapping paper when we all went shopping after Christmas and got it 75% off.


The delicious ice cream cake Rachel and Nicia made together:


We brought along one of Sammy’s Easter treats since the silly boy doesn’t like chocolate:


We love you Nicia!  You are growing into such an amazing person and I so glad you are a part of my life!!


The cake melted really fast with all of those candles on it… Rachel had the tough task of digging it out of the pan.. just when she thought she made it to the plate the piece fell off.  Sammy thought it was hilarious and told her to try again and not to throw the cake on the counter Winking smile


Sammy was really sad to leave (you can see he was crying in the picture).. he was so sad because he was having fun playing Mario Galaxy with Nicia (and it was 10 pm):