Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beyond Proud of Tim

I am sorry to have left you guys hanging! I had hoped to write this post earlier this week but this week is proving to be just as crazy as last week!

So the major life change.. is pretty amazing story.  But first I want to say how beyond proud of Tim I am and how excited for the future!  We are so thankful that in this current economy Tim got offered a new job! He took it and started last week (after putting in his two+ weeks). 

Now before I go any further with that exciting news.. I have to say we were really sad to be leaving his old company.  Tim had been working for Blackwell for 15 years.  Everyone there was part of our family and we loved them dearly!  Tim will continue to do some IT work for them on the side and we are glad we aren’t completely saying goodbye!!

Tim is now working for an electric cooperative as an engineering technician.  He has been learning a TON in the week and half he has been there.  Tim will eventually be going back to school for an electrical engineering degree.  As soon as this fall (still working on the details of this)!

Tim applied for this position in the Fall of last year but they had a hiring freeze until recently.  The job has a very weird mix of skills that seem to be completely Tim from drafting, to electrical knowledge, to sound system, and to Linux knowledge.  It seems like the perfect fit for Tim!

Tim will be setting up and testing equipment before it is placed in the field.  He will also be troubleshooting electrical issues and helping with power management stuff.  All of it is far beyond my understanding but I am trying to learn some of it along side of Tim. 

This job is certainly been a blessing for our family and we are excited to see how that unfolds over the next few months!  Congratulations Tim I am excited for you and I love seeing you challenged and learning! XOXO