Friday, June 22, 2012

So Much on my Mind

I have such a hard time blogging when life is busy.  I have no way of narrowing down the thoughts racing through my head into one nice pretty post.. (if they are ever really pretty).  My brain feels like a pot full of oil and popcorn kernels.  Things are popping up at a rapid speed and I am just trying to keep them inside the pot! 

Everything is fine.. great in fact.. No need to worry! Smile Just very very very full! A good full but full none the less!

There are so so many things I hope to share on the blog.. I just need the time to actually sit and think and put them to words!  I want to share about the homeschool convention.. I want to share about a major life change that has been going on behind the scenes (sorry to leave you hanging but it totally deserves its own post (no our family is not growing in size))… I want to share about Sammy being at bug camp this week.. I want to share about our fun summer fun.. about our plans for next school year.. about our anniversary that slipped by without as much as a blog post about it.. about father’s day…. about the IT work Tim and I have been doing at night for a friend.. about life!! It is just so full and I am feeling slightly overwhelmed by the pace as of lately (good overwhelmed but overwhelmed none the less)!

So bloggy peeps what do you want to hear about first.. help me pick a topic and sit and write.. are you even still there..or have I scared you away with all of my …s and rambling crazy thoughts?