Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf Had Nothing on this Storm

Things have been crazy over here!! Not long after I shared Tim’s exciting news we had a really crazy storm.  The storm was really massive and I am sure most of you heard about. 

Tim and I were listening to the radio that Friday night trying to decide if we should put Sammy in the laundry room (safest spot in the house) in case there was a tornado.  Over the radio we kept hearing this storm is really strong and going right up the I81 corridor.  We live 1 mile from 81.. yea.. it was pretty crazy.  Before things got really bad we went out on the deck to secure a few things.  I snapped a few pictures (from right next to the door until the deck furniture started shooting around the deck). 


The dots you se in the pictures is dirt that flew in from who knows where.  While we took the umbrella down and secured the grill our eyes got loaded up with it!


Since the weather was so hot even the  the breeze was incredible hot!! Tim and I kept saying this storm is so weird.. the clouds were crazy, the breeze was warm, the one direction of the wind, thunder and lightening but hardly any rain!


We are very thankful to have made it through the storm with out any real damage.  Since our trees are young in the back they didn’t break.  A few of the branches got over stretched and didn’t rebound back into normal position so we had to cut them off.  However, many houses very close to us didn’t fair so well.  I have seen a few houses with trees on top of them, MANY downed power lines, a brand new shelter was blown over.


So after Tim’s 2nd week of work he got called in for all hands on deck emergency.  He worked 17 hours that weekend.  Some of the other people at the cooperative worked many many more hours.  Things were back to normal by mid-week last week!  Through our whole storm we only had our power flicker a few times and our internet drop out for a little while.  We are very very thankful to be safe!