Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Love You Gracie!!

Dear Gracie,

I wanted to share something with you.. I got to watch you a few months ago for the night.  You are a total sweetie!!  You look like a mix of your big brother and your big sister.. but let me tell you something you have your own personality and it is wonderful!  You are very calm and laid back but certainly like some things over other and you let everyone know Winking smile 

Lately you are totally on a mommy kick!  I don’t take it personally sweet girl.. your mama is awesome and I love her too! *winks*  I can’t wait until you are a little older and we can hang out more.. when you don’t need your mama so much and can come have a fun hang out with your Uncle Tim and I!


Your big beautiful blue eyes melt your auntie’s heart and I had so much fun spending the evening with you! 


You were just content to hang out and go with the flow.  It was definitely hot and we had fun swinging under the deck and playing with toys!  I miss these days with Sammy and I was glad to enjoy them with you! 


I remember being the youngest in the family.  It was a lot of fun.. but I also remember the times I got left out because I was too young, small or whatever.. Don’t let it get you down and remember you are you and you are special!  You will have your own special moments to shine and I will make sure to be a part of them!


Love you,

Aunt Lindsay Smile