Sunday, July 15, 2012


Sammy made some dramatic improvements in soccer this season!  Sammy had a lot of fun this season!  The season started with many tears and frustration on his part (and maybe a little on mine *ahem*):

Sammy loved his coach and teammates!  He learned so many things about soccer and his confidence grew as well.  Sammy is in the red shirt with the ball:


Sammy is the one with the red shirt in his mouth (gross I know.. he stopped after this):


The confidence came when Sammy tried out being the goalie.. he looks so tiny in this picture:



He LOVED playing goalie.. I think it was because he had a set job.. keep the ball out of the goal and nothing else mattered.  He was aggressive and stayed pretty focused in goal.  I loved watching him becoming so confident in goal.


The last game of the season and the team picture (minus one player):


My class clown *winks* (I just realized how much smaller Sammy was.. no he wasn’t the youngest on the team):


Sammy didn’t want to be a part of this picture but I loved it to much to not share:


One last “Go Philly” cheer: