Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo Bomber

I have found the best way to take a picture of Sammy is to then let him take a goofy picture.  I took a ton of pictures at the Air and Space museum and here were all of the ones I didn’t share in yesterdays post.

So for each decent picture I got with him in it.. I had to take a picture of him being him.. here are the examples:


This one might be my favorite:


I am not sure what is up with the pose he is doing but he sure had fun doing it that day:


Okay this one isn’t silly.. well it is since it’s a bathroom but Sammy has been petrified of the hand dryers in bathrooms.. He was super brave and used them for the first time.. and I actually had my camera so I snapped a picture to share with Tim Winking smile 



Anyone else's child love taking goofy pictures?