Wednesday, July 18, 2012

State Tournament

Back in May (you know when school was still in session) Nicia’s school’s soccer team made it to the state tournament.  Sammy and I had fun making it to both games in the tournament (Tim made it to the Saturday game) .  We even got to watch Nicia score a goal!  It was the first one I have seen her score so it was very cool to have been in the state tournament.   I didn’t get a picture of the goal (of course).. but I did get some fun shots at this BEAUTIFUL location!


I have to share this picture.. I am pretty sure I have a picture in every season tying her cleats.. It’s a family joke now about her bad shoe tying skills Smile with tongue out


I forgot a hat for Sammy the first day so I gave him my visor!  He had fun watching the games but his attention span was not quite long enough for the whole game Winking smile 


Nicia goes to private school so this was the tournament for her school’s size and they actually played a homeschool team and they were really good!  I thought it was really neat!


I think this is the series where she scored (it was off a missed shot which is why I missed it):


I am totally amazed each time I get to watch Nicia play.  She seems to improve over night.  She is becoming quite the athlete.  Since she is an 8th grader and playing varsity soccer already I can’t wait to see as a senior!


The Saturday game was right after Sammy’s game and he had fun wearing his uniform to the game.. and yes this is pretty much how half of my photos turn out.. silly faces:


When he lost interest in the game he would go behind his chair (in the shade.. it was hot) and play the tablet: