Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strawberry Pickin’

Back in May we went Strawberry picking with some of our best buddies!! Everyone had so much fun:


So glad Sammy has these close friends in his life.. they are like siblings to him.. and cute as cute can be:


Noelle had a blast learning about which kind of strawberries to pick and how to pick them:


I am not quite sure how Katie did it.. picking strawberries with baby Mark on her back!


So you might be wondering what is up with the winter coat and the shorts.. I didn’t check the weather and thankfully had a coat in the car.  It wasn’t that cold but colder than shorts and a t-shirt weather. 


I wish I had gotten a good picture of Sammy.. but he was all about being silly that (every)day!  Until next year beautiful strawberry field!