Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Mash Up

These are the pictures that didn’t make it to their own post.  Sammy painted a pot of gold and wrote out pot of gold but the only part you can make out of pot written from bottom to top on the left.
Painting is one of his favorites.. coloring not so much.. here was part of Tim’s father’s day gift:
This is Sammy’s drawing of Tim and Sammy (he wrote their names at the bottom.. he did this on his wrote and wrote Tim instead of Daddy Smile with tongue out)
Sammy was dead on some of these answers and way off on some.  I wrote the answers for him this year.
His name is Tim
He is 35 years old. (this was pretty close)
He weights 100 pounds.  (not so much.. some would say this is a compliment but to Sammy this is the biggest number ever)
He likes to eat spicy food. (right on)
He likes to drink coffee. (again right on)
He is so strong he could lift heavy stuff like church stuff.  (Our church sets up and tears down each week and Tim does a lot of lifting)
His favorite toy is a computer.  (pretty much)
When he goes to work he “works every the day.” (This is a Sammy expression to add the word ‘the’ for emphasis.  No Tim does not everyday)
He and I like to play with me.  Dominoes!! (they like to stack them up until they fall down)
He smiles when he is happy. (aww)
He loves me because I am special.  (seriously cute)
I love him because you are special too.  (not sure if he was talking about Tim or me)

We did some super fun IT work last month.  This was where we took care of the patient:
This is Jolanthe’s (Homeschool Creations) data server.  It had died a sad sad death.. but with some hard work (mostly from Tim) we got it back up and running. 
Sammy’s desk for next year.  I will do a whole post about our school space soon!
I watched a friend’s dog while they were having a baby.  I turned her out back when some friends were leaving from a pool party (post coming soon).  When I turned back around this is where she was: