Friday, July 27, 2012

Udvar-Hazy Space Museum

Sammy and I did a day trip up to the  Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum in Dulles, VA.  We had the greatest time!!  I want to go again really soon and spend even more time there.  The museum is free and you just pay $15 for parking (to help pay off the building fund).  There was so much to see there I think we just scratched the surface.  The museum is located near Dulles Airport and is in the flight landing pattern.  They have this beautiful observation tower you can go up in (we didn’t do that the day we were there):
Sammy thought these were just like the ones at Target Winking smile
There are several sections of this museum some you can see from up high and the planes look like they are flying and others you can get really close down on the ground.  Hopefully I don’t bore you guys with too many pictures.  Sammy loved telling me which one was his favorite.. which changed several times during the trip.
Taking in the whole small plan wing from up top.  Since Tim couldn’t come this time we made sure to take a lot of pictures together so he could see what we did! 
Flying upside down (this was hanging way above us):
Let me tell you a little tidbit about myself.. when I was a kid I wanted to be an pilot for the Navy.  This may or may not have to do with the sheer number of times my sister made me watch Top Gun Winking smile.  How cool would it have been to fly in some of these planes!
One of Sammy’s favorites because it lands on water and it was yellow:
I channeled some of my inner photographer skills.. what do you think:
Sammy’s favorite helicopter.. yes it was yellow too:
There were some really old helicopters there and it was cool to see how they have improved over the years.  I have seen this with the planes all growing up but hadn’t seen old helicopters before.
Look at this crazy Marine helicopter.. the only thing holding you on is a seat belt:
This museum is HUGE.. you could spend a whole day there!
This is the bottom of the Concord and a picture of the cockpit:
I am pretty sure Sammy wanted to take all of these home with him to play:
Anyone recognize this plane:
Next up we went to the space wing.. this completely blew me away and gave me chills.  This is one of the actual discovery space shuttles that want into space:
Talk about size comparison.. we had to back up a ton just to fit its wingspan into the shot:
Some of the other space gear.  Sammy thought it was really cool that all of the stuff had been in outer space. 
He loved watching the videos about the different exhibit pieces:
This however was Sammy’s hands down favorite thing.  After looking at a few planes he would find one of these and want to see the view from the cockpit.  You can then click and swivel the view around all over the place to see where the pilot sat and what they could see:
Sammy’s souvenir from the day.. a biplane:
We went to the iMAX theater and watched a fighter pilot movie before we left.  It was truly an incredible day filled with so much learning and fun!  Leaving the museum: