Monday, August 6, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum Choices

I am super excited about our homeschool plans for the 2012-2013.  Sammy is in kindergarten this year!  Here is what I have planned for school for him:

Math (everyday):

- Math-U-See Primer – I love this product and I think Sammy is going to love the hands on approach it brings to the table!

Science (once a week – with added activities when applicable):

-My friend and I have created a little science club to do with our Kindergarteners this year.  We will be working through these 4 Evan Moor Science books:

Language (everyday):

We will not be using a curriculum for this.  We will just be doing read aloud stories and adding in some hands on activities as we read.  We will be reading the following books (and maybe a few more if we read faster than I have planned):

History (everyday):

-The Mystery of History Volume 1 – We will only be going through about half of this next year and doing a ton of hands on projects.  Here are some of the hands on activities I hope to try!

Handwriting (everyday):

-A Reason For Handwriting Kindergarten – I am excited to be using this program.  I just hope Sammy enjoys it Smile

Reading (everyday):

-All About Reading Level 1 – we will also be using the supplement games since Sammy loves Ziggy and would do anything for him Winking smile.  We will also be using the Explode the Code books since Sammy things they are so much fun!

Bible (everyday):

-Positive Action Kindergarten – We did the preschool program last year and liked it.  I found that I didn’t do all of the suggested things in the curriculum and then I liked it more.

Art (once a week):

-The World’s Greatest Artists Vol. 1 (we are just doing the first 4 in the volume – Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock, and Monet)  We will be using the following books with the curriculum:

Music (once a week):

- We will be doing SQUILT time once a week.  We will be doing one song a week off of these three albums:
If you have never listened to these before you should go check them out.  They take symphonies and add words to them to tell a story.  They usually get the name of the composer in the song and make them super catch so you find yourself humming them all the time!  You also get a copy of the original work as well.  We will be listening to the original then doing our SQUILT page followed by listening the the version with the words. 

Foreign Language (once a week):

-Rosetta Stone HomeschoolSpanish (Latin American) Level 1 – we will only be doing this once a week and going very slowly with it!
We will also be members of a local co-op that meets on Fridays.  He will be doing some fun things there as well!  To see what others have planned for next year check out the blog hop at iHomeschool Network.

*The amazon links are affiliate links.  However, everything above we will be using next year and have enjoyed*