Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bowling with Cousins

Last month my sister called me on a rainy and dreary Saturday morning.  She asked us to come meet her and the two big kids for some bowling!  I had just been talking about taking Sammy bowling earlier that week so we jumped at the opportunity to join them!

The kids got to use these cool ramps to push their bowling balls down!  They loved it and had a total blast.

Ellie getting her bowl on:


Then the celebration dance when she knocked pins down:


Sammy bowling:


I so wish this picture turned out better.. it’s all washed out.. but I had to get a picture of the boys in their tie die shirts:


For the sake that this is our scrapbook (and because it is funny).. Sammy beat Tim!! I beat Sammy! Bradley beat me and Clare won the whole thing!  I don’t remember how Ellie did but I think she was last but did pretty good considering she is 2 Smile