Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear Tinker,

It is the night before our vacation.  You have been asleep for a few hours.  Daddy and I were packing the car to pull at o’dark: thirty.  We wanted to have everything perfect for the long trip.  We went to set up the portable DVD player for you.. it is a long trip.. and we wanted to be prepared.  We got the charger out and found that you my dear sweet son.  You had twisted the end of the DC adapter off.  The fuse, spring and end were are completely missing. 

I know that you come by this naturally.  Both of your parents were notorious for taking things apart.  I HOPED  you would be like your father and take things apart that you were allowed to take apart.  You on the other hand have decided to take after your mother and take apart things you shouldn’t.  Not only that you do it very sneakily since the cord was neatly put away in the back of the seat like nothing had happened.


Unfortunately, your timing is terrible and we are now scrambling to find the adapter we need so you wont give us too many grey hairs on the way to the beach.  Thankfully, your Daddy is much better at fixing things than your Mommy.  He has a plan and I am sure we will remedy the situation as soon as possible.  It is 11:09 pm and we are leaving at 5 am.. so his plan will hopefully work in the morning and not cut into our early morning start too much!


I love you sweet boy.  Let us harness your crazy energy into something constructive.. like the box of legos we are bringing along on this trip!


Your very tired Mother