Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Laid Back 4th

Last month we went to a cookout for 4th of July.  That was all we did and it was amazing.  In the past we have done various fireworks shows and other events.  They are always so fun but after that crazy storm and Tim working so many extra hours we were ready for a chill day. 
Sammy busted out his American Flag swim trunks (I got them free at a clothing swap) and had a blast.  Apparently that was the only thing I was concerned with taking pictures of.  It was hot and the activities were a little more low key than normal.  There was however cornhole, volleyball, horseshoes, kiddie pool, food, remote controlled plane UAV (unmanned area vehicle), and lots of fellowship. 
Sammy’s kind of dessert fruit and marshmallows:
Getting ready to run through the sprinkler:
Ice Pop to finish of the day: