Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lake Trip

At the beginning of the month we took Tim’s family to my parents house for a day at the lake.  My Dad had been working really hard on a new sea wall and that had churned up the bottom of the lake and made it muddy.  But everyone had a total blast at the lake!  Sammy loved having everyone together:


Just swimming around before doing some water skiing:



Nicia learned how to waterski this year.  After learning the basics and a few falls she got the hang of it pretty easily:


There were still a few whip outs (love the expression on her face):


Then we tubed.. Nicia is still undefeated on this tub against my Dad’s driving:


Next we got out the big tube and took a mellow spin with Sammy on the tube:


Then we got the adrenalin pumping a little more:


It was such an amazing day at the lake.  I wish I had taken more pictures of everyone there.  But I had a blast living in the moment!  Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting everyone!!