Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet the Student

Name: Sammy
Age: 5
Grade: Kindergarten
Want to know a little more about Sammy?  Here are his answers to some questions I asked.. my notes are in parentheses afterwards:
Favorite color: yellow (current favorite color this changes every couple of weeks)
Favorite food: bananas (really any fruit is his favorite)
Favorite movie: Veggietales
Favorite book: Curious George (we have so many and he loves them all)
Favorite game: Mario (or anything he can play on the wii)
Favorite drink: Smoothies
When you grow up you want to be: A Teacher
What are you good at: being funny (he certainly is a class clown)
What instrument do you want to play: All of them (I then asked him to pick one), Bass Guitar (which is what Tim plays)
Most excited to learn about in school: bugs (hmm.. guess we need to learn about bugs this year!)
Favorite sport: baseball with my friends
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