Thursday, August 9, 2012

Science Club–Exploring plants

Our science club explored plants this last meeting.  Katie found some plants to pull up with the roots attached and flowers.   The kids then cleaned the dirt off the roots so they could see them better:


Sammy cleaning off his roots:


Joel was really into this part and worked really hard to get the dirt off of his root:


We then talked about the 4 parts of a flower (flower, leaves, stem and roots).  We also did this for  trees (leaves, branches, trunk, and roots):


Next we ate some roots of course Smile :


I didn’t get any pictures yesterday when we had another science club.  But we talked about the 3 things that roots do for plants.

  1. Suck up water for the plants
  2. Keep the plants from falling over (we tried to pull up weeds w/ the roots and also tried to push over a tree to demonstrate that)
  3. Get nutrients out of the ground for the plants.  Some roots store more than the plants need to grow (carrots, turnips, etc.)
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