Sunday, August 12, 2012

Welcome to Our School Space

Well we are all setup for the start of school.  This is our first official year homeschooling and I am super excited to get started.  I worked hard this week to get things much closer to being ready.  We have an open floor plan in our house and our school space is now a part of it.  This is our family room (I was standing in the dinning room when I took the picture).  The front door is just to the right of the  far right picture.  Our craft cabinet is directly across the room from the sofa (our TV is on top of it).


A closer look at the corner you can see our calendar, white board, corkboard tiles, and workboxes (and our dog):


Sammy was excited to see me taking pictures of the school space and wanted in on the action:


Here is where I plan on doing most of our school work.  Sammy will actually be writing and working on the typing tray since it fits him better that way.  I have labeled the drawers with what I have in them for now.  I am sure this will change as the year goes on:


Just to the right of the desk is where I am keeping the teacher manuals and other add-ons we will be using through out the year.  I have a bunch of workbooks on the bottom shelf.  We will not be using all of them.  A bunch of them are the wipe-off kind.  When Sammy has outgrown them I will pull them off the shelf and pass them along.  The top right of the bookshelf holds Ziggy and right now a bunch of my giveaways to be mailed out Winking smile 


Here is the craft cabinet I talked about.  It is super full right now!  I had a friend from church give me a TON of paint so everything is a little scrunched.  However, we will be using up a lot of our stuff before buying anything new.  There is a drawer above this cabinet (just barely pictured) in that drawers is where I have the stuff in that top label.  To the right of the buffet craft cabinet we have a big plastic bucket that we store toys in.  They are rotated every couple of weeks to keep them fun and exciting and to keep the toys from taking over the house.  The ones not in use are stored in the garage.


Over in the dinning room I have a HUGE wardrobe (that my grandmother gave to me) full of the extras.  I just re-organized this since it was mostly used for toys.  However, I wasn’t using a lot of my fun things since they were packed away.  I have already pulled out some of the great resources since they are easier to access. 


So that is our homeschool space, what do you think?  To see other’s homeschool spaces check out the *Not* back to home school blog hop!

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