Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Day of School Fun!

I have a post going up tomorrow about our first week of school.  We started in August and we had a pretty fun first day of school.  First we started with donuts then presents!  Sammy got some pretty cool dinosaur erasers and some new pencils.  He was super excited about his fun new school supplies:


Sammy created a self-portrait.  I want to do this every year to see how much he changes over the years.  Here is his self-portrait from this year:


After school we went to a pizza buffet with our good buddies:


Not the greatest picture of either of them.  But here are the two Kindergarteners :-)


After lunch we went to a local playground and played for a long time.  The kids even found a caterpillar that just went into its chrysalis!

After that we went home for a little while until Tim got home from work.  Then we went out for a special first day of school dinner at the “Yeehaw Store” (what Sammy calls Texas Roadhouse).  Followed by ice cream where Sammy was brave and tried strawberry ice cream (instead of vanilla) and loved it! 


It was a great start to our first year of homeschooling.  Now that we are 4 weeks in I am loving it and so is Sammy!