Friday, September 21, 2012

First week of School

So this post is way late!  You can see we started school on August 21st but it is better late than never!

Our Calendar space all setup:


The first thing we do each day is put the day into the calendar, talk about the day of the week and the weather.

DSC_0219 Next up Sammy works on his calendar notebook.  We use a combination of Homeschool Creations pages and 1+1+1=1.   Here is a few things that I got pictures of.  Working on his daily drawing:


Coloring in the day on his 100s chart:

DSC_0231 DSC_0232

We did lesson 1 in math.  He placed his blocks on top of the cubes and counted them:


We did two lessons in All About Reading.  Here he was reading the words and putting the ice cream cone word families together:


Next we played a game to review the letter sounds.  We played with our reading buddy Ziggy:


Sammy thought Ziggy was hilarious when he messed up.  For those that don’t know Ziggy is a zebra puppet.  So I would make him mess up and Sammy did this:


Reading bone cards and feeding them to a monster.  Yes he was in his jammies :-)



Working in his explode the code book 1:


Writing numbers:


Stamping the Rs on his robot print out.  This is a total review but Sammy loves doing this stuff and we had a loose robot theme for the week:


In Mystery of History we read the creation lesson.  Then our add on lesson was to try and create an animal completely different than anything else.  Sammy though this was hard.  He kept trying to make an elephant and other things that already exist.  But we eventually got it down!

DSC_0247 This is our bee-a-bop.  It has a very long tail, a weird head (Sammy’s description), 6 legs, and 3 sections that make up its body:


In science club we collected leaves and talked about their different parts: