Monday, September 24, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 10-24-12


I have been doing a TERRIBLE job at cooking dinner lately.  I have tried to get my act together a few times at home and still no luck.  So I am trying public accountability ;-)


  • Frozen Pizza – I am going to run errands after work today and then to the grocery store.  So I needed something quick for dinner tonight!


  • Sammy and I are going to the National Zoo this day.  I am not sure what time we will be back.


  • Chili – I am making dinner for two different people on bed rest.  So I am making a huge batch of chili.  Then I hope to make some cornbread and some sort of dessert.  But we will see if that all happens or not!


  • Egg and cheese biscuits


  • Out of town wedding – With an overnight date night!  I am excited to get a way for an extended date night!