Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pool and Putt Putt

Sammy’s favorite part of the beach trip was most certainly the pool!  He asked to go there much more frequently than the pool!  We had amazing weather and swam in the pool everyday for several hours.  Sammy is getting super super close to swimming completely on his own.  I attribute that to lots of swimming and a pair of goggles he loves!

Sammy use to jump off the side but only if you would catch him.  However, after this trip he is now a jumping machine! 


I let him jump over me and he thought this was the coolest thing ever:


We also jumped in together:


Putt Putt is a yearly tradition and we have yet to play the same course down there.  This was a pirate putt putt course and Sammy thought that was super cool.  Pop Pop he said next time you go to the beach you need to play the putt putt course:



He is even winking one eye to look like a pirate that lost his eye:

DSC_0293 DSC_0295  His form improved a little from last year.  He however, shows now hand preference when  playing golf.  One stroke he is a right the next he is a lefty:DSC_0301 Tim’s form must have improved as well since we tied for the first time ever!