Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip

Earlier this month we went to our favorite pumpkin patch with my sister and her family.  Tim, Sammy and I got there early so we had time to go through the corn maze.  This was a first for Sammy and I think he loved the idea of it.. not so much the getting lost several times ;-)


Next up we hit the huge slide that is built into a hill.  The boys went down by themselves for the first time ever.  They actually did this several times and LOVED it.  I caught a few cute shots!

Bradley coming out at the bottom:  DSC_0277

Do you think Sammy liked it?


My brother-in-law Chris and sweet little Ellie:

DSC_0279 Then we ran all over checking out the other activities.  Sammy loves racing the ducks with the hand pump water spigots.  This whole thing is pretty cool since it just re-uses the water over an over again:DSC_0283 

Sammy doing what he does best.. feeding animals.  They were actually out of feed.  So Tim showed Sammy how to pick it up off the ground.  He then made sure each goat got some!


The cow train.. Sammy rode by himself for the first time ever.. and didn’t ask to go again.. apparently he likes sitting on a comfy lap then getting bounced around on his own:


Bradley, Ellie, Clare and Sammy:  DSC_0289 

Sling shots were a hit with everyone.  Tim patiently took all of the kids in for their own turn.  Clare and Chris were back at the car with Grace (she had a tough day).  Sammy and Ellie waiting for their turn:  DSC_0296 Ellie getting a turn:

DSC_0298  There were some other very fun activities.. but Ellie wanted to go  on the horsie-around so that is just what we did!  Sammy rode all by himself (first time ever.. that was the theme this year): DSC_0308

Chris with Ellie and Bradley is hiding behind Chris:


Sammy doing what he does:

 DSC_0313 Riding the horsey swings:  DSC_0315  Thanks for another fun day at the pumpkin patch Clare and Chris!  :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012

National Zoo Field Trip

Last month we took a (long) field trip to the National Zoo.  It was a great trip!  I think the saddest part was it was only a couple of days after the baby panda died and we didn’t see any pandas :(

We drove to Northern Virginia and caught the metro and took it into the zoo.  I am glad to say that we didn’t loose any kids or get stressed out with the metro changes, parking and all that entails! 


We visited the panda exhibit and looked for the Dad but he wasn’t out.  That didn’t stop them from cheesing it up with the statue:

DSC_0062 The elephant was next up and he (or she.. not sure :-P) came out to play right when we got there.  I have never seen an elephant that active!

DSC_0068 DSC_0070  DSC_0072

Next we went to check out the birds!  I will try not to bore you guys with tons of animal pictures!  We had fun checking out a ton of different kinds of birds!


Burrowing owls:


Such a beautiful bird with a very interesting beak:  DSC_0083   

This was a beautiful open-air aviary that you could walk through.  We saw some beautiful birds and baby peacocks!


:-)   DSC_0110    

Next up we checked out the primates.  Most of them were outside playing.  We actually saw a gorilla fall of a tree while he was swinging!


We were definitely running out of steam at this point.  But we had to check out the small mamal house.  Checking out the meerkats:


I loved this little critter: DSC_0128

Katie and I had a good laugh about what the naked mole rat likes to drink:


Now if you look closely you can see a little hand down by the trunk of the tree.  This mama was holding her baby and she got very mad at me for trying to get a picture of her baby.  Right after this picture she showed me her teeth and hissed at me! That is a mama “bear” if I have ever seen one!


Katie certainly had her hands full.  Joel was not feeling well so we took turns pushing the stroller and she was usually carrying someone on her back.  At this point we were walking up this HUGE hill out of the zoo.  Joel had been walking but found the empty stroller and ran over and hopped in.  Then he was telling her to go faster.  It was so funny I had to get a picture of him to show her how perky he was looking in the picture:


Thanks for the fun and exhausting trip to the zoo Katie! Check out what other Kindergarteners are doing at Homeschool Creations.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Beautiful Refrain – On Tour

The Beautiful Refrain is on tour but they came home for two weeks recently.  We had the pleasure of getting to go see them.  It was a Tuesday night and I stayed up well past my bedtime.  But I love those guys too much not to go and listen to them play!  That all probably stems from when Tim use to play for them.  Before they found their permanent bass player!

They played at a bar downtown and had a few bands open for them.  I wish you guys could hear how load it is.. but I will just say everyone in this picture is wearing ear plugs.  They were typing funny messages to each other on a phone.  Which is what they are all giggling about in this picture:


All four of our church’s sound guys were at this show and they all had something to say on how they would have run sound.  That said the band was awesome!! If you love Jesus and you love rock and roll you need to check to see if they will be near your house.. if not then check out itunes and see if you like their music and if so buy it!  These guys are awesome dudes that love Jesus and love bringing him glory with their music!

Chad and Cameron during the first song of the set:

DSC_0246  Cameron and Gabe:  DSC_0251 

Cam, Gabe, and Stephen (l to r):DSC_0253

Getting the crowd into it! 


Thanks for the awesome show guys!  We selfishly can’t wait until you are back again! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


After we studied dinosaurs we decided to take a mini road trip to Dinosaur land and see some of the dinosaurs “first hand.”  It was a decent drive from our house.  The price wasn’t too expensive and Sammy thought it was awesome.. So all in all I would say it was a fun trip.  I won’t bore you with all of the dinosaurland pictures but here are some of my favorites!

DSC_0165 DSC_0166  DSC_0171 DSC_0173  DSC_0177  This was one of Sammy’s favorites.. yes that is blood (paint) down the dinosaurs neck:  DSC_0181    DSC_0188

DSC_0200     LOL Sammy looks a little startled by this snake.. Some of the things weren’t their real size (like this snake) but they were really neat to look at1 DSC_0212  

Love this boy: DSC_0221  And the only thing you could climb on.. King Kong of course.. Tim and I thought it was hilarious it was there.. Sammy.. less than thrilled to be standing on his hand: DSC_0226 

Look I went too!! :-)

DSC_0228  DSC_0230 DSC_0231  So the question.. would we go again.. probably not.. did Sammy love it.. oh yea.. did it tie in with our history theme.. perfectly (well minus the signs saying how old the dinosaurs were.. but Sammy didn’t notice them *winks*).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1,000+ Thankful List

thankful button
21. First birthday for my youngest niece :-)
22. 80 degree days at the end of October after a week of cold temperatures
23. Local pumpkin patch and the memories it holds (pictures coming soon I promise)
24. Hot coffee made by my sweet husband in the morning.
25. Spur of the moment fire pits with family
26. You version bible app and its daily reminders to get in the word
27. Dental appointments to get cavities filled so I can eat with out pain
28. Dental appointments that wont cost anything!!
29. My hard working husband that provides so much for our family!
30. A warm house on a cold morning