Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1,000+ Thankful List

I have wanted to start a 1,000 gifts or thankful list for a while now.  I do not, however, want it to be just for a given time.  For a while now I have been trying to look at the positives in my life.  Instead of dwelling on the negatives or the things I think should (or shouldn’t have happened).  I want this to be a true heart change and not just something I think about every few weeks.  That said these aren’t always going to be deep thoughts.  Some of them will be just plain fun while others might be deeper.  The order of the list is in no way an indication of where I place people/things/or my relationship with God.  Okay now for the list :-)
1. My very amazing husband who loves my through my faults!  I couldn’t ask for a more amazing husband!
2. Crisp mornings of the first days of fall
3. Sammy’s love note to me on Saturday when I was feeling a little blue.  He didn’t understand why but he very sweetly went over to his desk and got out drawing paper.  He then wrote, “I luv yo Mome!”
4. Being able to grab hold of Sammy and hug him tightly and to remember how truly blessed we are!
5. The beginning of the football season… even if my team is starting out 1-2!  Lets go Skins we are better than that!
6. Friends that love me despite the state of my house, yard, laundry pile, etc.
7. A Daddy that plays in a small box with his son and allows me to capture it with my phone!
8. A big black furry dog that is the protector of the house!  I can be confident that no one would enter our house and steal anything while Tipsy is on duty!
9. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.. enough said
10. A cleaned out garage to park my car in after a weekend of hard work!