Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1,000+ Thankful List

thankful button
11. Corn maze adventures with Tim and Sammy
12. My niece calling the Merry-Go-Round a Horsie-A-Round
13. Purging stuff out of the house – next up creating spots for some of the stuff that was homeless before.
14. Anything with pumpkin in it :-)
15. Homeschooling going really well.  I have pictures to do an update post but haven’t had time to edit them yet!
16. A relaxing Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.  Even if the Sunday afternoon was not planned but came to be because Sammy is sick.
17. Reading Living in Jesus study with some friends from church :-)
18. A real Hawaiian  shirt for my little surfer boy.  Thanks Gigi and Pop Pop!  We will send a picture soon!
19. Good news at the oral surgeon’s office last week!! The dentist sent me for a lump in my lip and a white spot on my tongue.  Thankfully neither of them are things to be concerned about!
20. Sammy asking Jesus to live in his heart!!!  I am working on a whole post about this.. but something to be super thankful for so I needed it to be on this list ASAP :-)