Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip

Earlier this month we went to our favorite pumpkin patch with my sister and her family.  Tim, Sammy and I got there early so we had time to go through the corn maze.  This was a first for Sammy and I think he loved the idea of it.. not so much the getting lost several times ;-)


Next up we hit the huge slide that is built into a hill.  The boys went down by themselves for the first time ever.  They actually did this several times and LOVED it.  I caught a few cute shots!

Bradley coming out at the bottom:  DSC_0277

Do you think Sammy liked it?


My brother-in-law Chris and sweet little Ellie:

DSC_0279 Then we ran all over checking out the other activities.  Sammy loves racing the ducks with the hand pump water spigots.  This whole thing is pretty cool since it just re-uses the water over an over again:DSC_0283 

Sammy doing what he does best.. feeding animals.  They were actually out of feed.  So Tim showed Sammy how to pick it up off the ground.  He then made sure each goat got some!


The cow train.. Sammy rode by himself for the first time ever.. and didn’t ask to go again.. apparently he likes sitting on a comfy lap then getting bounced around on his own:


Bradley, Ellie, Clare and Sammy:  DSC_0289 

Sling shots were a hit with everyone.  Tim patiently took all of the kids in for their own turn.  Clare and Chris were back at the car with Grace (she had a tough day).  Sammy and Ellie waiting for their turn:  DSC_0296 Ellie getting a turn:

DSC_0298  There were some other very fun activities.. but Ellie wanted to go  on the horsie-around so that is just what we did!  Sammy rode all by himself (first time ever.. that was the theme this year): DSC_0308

Chris with Ellie and Bradley is hiding behind Chris:


Sammy doing what he does:

 DSC_0313 Riding the horsey swings:  DSC_0315  Thanks for another fun day at the pumpkin patch Clare and Chris!  :-)