Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baltimore Port Discovery Museum

Last weekend we had the pleasure of going to the Baltimore Port Discovery Museum with Tim’s brother and his family.  I decided not to take my big camera in and lug it around (they have a 3 story tree house/jungle gym inside).  But I did capture pictures with my phone!  We had a blast checking out a lot of the museum.  I think we only saw about 50% of the museum since Sammy was OBSESSED with the water room!
Sammy sending a boat down the waterfall into the river:
This was really neat exhibit. They had two water hose sprayers.  You could then play a chime, a wind chime, a symbol (by hitting a mallet into it) and an outdoor drum.  Sammy loved this since he was allowed to play with water and be loud at the same time ;-)
I caught Tim building with tubes on the faucets in the water room.  Sammy was over playing music so it wasn’t like he was helping him *winks*!  There were tons of neat things that even adults wanted to get their hands on:
Now for Sammy’s favorite part.  The human sized bubble maker:
Can you see the delight on his face:
He did this every chance he got!  After he did it a few dozen times he started to blow on the bubbles and watch them wiggle all around him before they popped:
He was so into what he was doing I couldn’t even get him to look at me. :-P
This picture didn’t turn out real great.. but I loved it anyway.  Tim with Kira riding on his shoulders:
After we wore out 3 young kids we took them outside to watch the fountain while we figured out lunch!  Kylee and Sammy thought the fountain was awesome! Sammy got soaked for a second time!
I love this picture of my sweet little niece :-) :
The only picture any of us got of the three of them together.  Dinner:
Then our view on the drive home:
Thanks for inviting us up to join you guys!  We had a total blast and will have to plan another activity like this again soon!