Friday, October 19, 2012

First Co-Op Field Trip

We joined a homeschool co-op and we are loving it!  I hope to do a whole post about our co-op in the future and what we like about ours.  But since this post is already a month old so I wont get into that just yet!

There is an amazing park in a neighboring city.  The Co-Op organized a day there to ride the train and check out the adorable pond!  I haven’t seen swans as an adult and I was amazed at how HUGE they were! 


Then we boarded the train and went for a ride.  The train is a miniature-sized and it had every feature of a real train.  Sammy thought this was really awesome!  Sammy riding with his buddy Joel for the first ride :-)


I had the pleasure of spending the day with this amazing friend and her beautiful kiddos:


Despite the look on his face he was loving every second of this:


Here is a picture of the adorable train:


Railroad Crossing and tunnel:


Ticket booth:


There was also had a river bridge and a covered bridge.  and of course a train whistle!


Next up we walked over to the pond and put money in the nickel food machines and fed the ducks, fish, geese, and swans.  Sammy was hilarious with the food.  He wanted to give all of the animals some food.  If one of them was eating to much he would move somewhere else to give the others a chance!  I love that boy and his tender animal lover heart!

DSC_0021 DSC_0034

This guy was such a good sport through the long field trip day.  He is also looking like a big boy!


Look I went on the field trip too!!  (someone wasn’t happy about getting his picture taken.. *ahem*)


We then ate our picnic lunch then headed to a playground at this same park.  These two are growing to be some of the best of buddies:


I love the joy on these kiddos faces:

 DSC_0048  DSC_0050 

I remembered the first time we went to this park.  Sammy was around 2 years old.  We sat him down on this thing (after he asked for help) and was no where close to being able to use it.  I thought to myself.  This thing is so heavy is he ever going to be able to use this before he looses interest in it.   Well I got my answer:


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