Friday, October 26, 2012

National Zoo Field Trip

Last month we took a (long) field trip to the National Zoo.  It was a great trip!  I think the saddest part was it was only a couple of days after the baby panda died and we didn’t see any pandas :(

We drove to Northern Virginia and caught the metro and took it into the zoo.  I am glad to say that we didn’t loose any kids or get stressed out with the metro changes, parking and all that entails! 


We visited the panda exhibit and looked for the Dad but he wasn’t out.  That didn’t stop them from cheesing it up with the statue:

DSC_0062 The elephant was next up and he (or she.. not sure :-P) came out to play right when we got there.  I have never seen an elephant that active!

DSC_0068 DSC_0070  DSC_0072

Next we went to check out the birds!  I will try not to bore you guys with tons of animal pictures!  We had fun checking out a ton of different kinds of birds!


Burrowing owls:


Such a beautiful bird with a very interesting beak:  DSC_0083   

This was a beautiful open-air aviary that you could walk through.  We saw some beautiful birds and baby peacocks!


:-)   DSC_0110    

Next up we checked out the primates.  Most of them were outside playing.  We actually saw a gorilla fall of a tree while he was swinging!


We were definitely running out of steam at this point.  But we had to check out the small mamal house.  Checking out the meerkats:


I loved this little critter: DSC_0128

Katie and I had a good laugh about what the naked mole rat likes to drink:


Now if you look closely you can see a little hand down by the trunk of the tree.  This mama was holding her baby and she got very mad at me for trying to get a picture of her baby.  Right after this picture she showed me her teeth and hissed at me! That is a mama “bear” if I have ever seen one!


Katie certainly had her hands full.  Joel was not feeling well so we took turns pushing the stroller and she was usually carrying someone on her back.  At this point we were walking up this HUGE hill out of the zoo.  Joel had been walking but found the empty stroller and ran over and hopped in.  Then he was telling her to go faster.  It was so funny I had to get a picture of him to show her how perky he was looking in the picture:


Thanks for the fun and exhausting trip to the zoo Katie! Check out what other Kindergarteners are doing at Homeschool Creations.