Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Beautiful Refrain – On Tour

The Beautiful Refrain is on tour but they came home for two weeks recently.  We had the pleasure of getting to go see them.  It was a Tuesday night and I stayed up well past my bedtime.  But I love those guys too much not to go and listen to them play!  That all probably stems from when Tim use to play for them.  Before they found their permanent bass player!

They played at a bar downtown and had a few bands open for them.  I wish you guys could hear how load it is.. but I will just say everyone in this picture is wearing ear plugs.  They were typing funny messages to each other on a phone.  Which is what they are all giggling about in this picture:


All four of our church’s sound guys were at this show and they all had something to say on how they would have run sound.  That said the band was awesome!! If you love Jesus and you love rock and roll you need to check to see if they will be near your house.. if not then check out itunes and see if you like their music and if so buy it!  These guys are awesome dudes that love Jesus and love bringing him glory with their music!

Chad and Cameron during the first song of the set:

DSC_0246  Cameron and Gabe:  DSC_0251 

Cam, Gabe, and Stephen (l to r):DSC_0253

Getting the crowd into it! 


Thanks for the awesome show guys!  We selfishly can’t wait until you are back again!