Friday, November 30, 2012

Mystery of History - Creation

So this post has been sitting around since the first week of school!  But I wanted to share it here on the blog.  For our creation study we created a booklet.  We kept the cover pretty simple:


On the inside we wrote the Genesis 1:1 verse.  Then we started on the days of creation.  We created this by adding a a piece of black construction paper to the bottom half of the day.


Here is what the pages looked like:


Then you open them up and you can see what God created on that day.  For day two we drew some clouds with a white crayon then went over them with light blue water colors.  For the water we used dark blue mark to depict water.

Day 3 we showed the dry land with a piece of green construction paper.  Then we made an apple tree with fingerprint apples to depict God creating trees:


Day 4 we colored a sun to depict day.  Then for the night we drew a moon and stars with crayons.  We then painted with black water colors on top.

For day 5 I drew a robin and Sammy colored it in.  Then I showed Sammy how to draw a basic fish and he colored that in:


Day 6 Sammy drew our family at the top to represent how God created man.  Then at the bottom he drew our dog Tipsy to represent how God created animals.

Day 7  I drew some Zs and Sammy colored them in.  This represented that God rested on the 7th day.


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