Friday, November 2, 2012

School catch up post!

I want to do a better job sharing what we do each week.  So I wanted to catch up on some of the old stuff we did that I did catch on the camera!


We have been using a mystery of history for our history curriculum but only doing 1 lesson a week instead of 3.  So we read the lesson then I come up with at least one hands on activity to go along with the activity.

We read about the Ice Age and dressed up in clothes we wear if we lived in an ice age:


Then we read about dinosaurs and how they were created on day five and six.  We also read about how they would have been on Noah’s Ark.  We did a lot of hands on activities for dinosaurs since Sammy loves them.  We did a few pages out of an activity book that I bought at the HEAV convention.  We did a dinosaur mosaic with foam stickers.  Then we went to DinosaurLand:


Next up we read about the Tower of Babel.  We built a tower while speaking English.  Then I started talking in a made up language and we tried to continue to build our tower.  It didn’t work very well and our tower fell down. 



We finished up our preschool curriculum this week :-P We got a little behind!  We have been working on our kindergarten curriculum at the same time.  I don’t love the go along activities for the curriculum we are using.  So I am going to do it all in one day and add in a Grapevine study another day during the week:



Sammy working on his Explode the Code book 1:


We have been having a lot of fun with All About Reading!  Here Sammy is playing a rhyming game.  He flipped over a banana read the word then fed it to the monkey in the same word family.


This was another fun game we played.  You flipped over the gifts and read the two words on the back.  If you read them correctly you got to keep the present.  Sammy has completed 16 lessons in All About Reading level 1. 



We have been plugging away at our Math lessons.  This so far has been coming really easy to Sammy.  I am going to add in a little math notebooking to help relate the topics in another way and make them more concrete!



We have been working through our handwriting book.  The letters Sammy has been learning he really is remembering and using when he is free writing. 


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