Friday, November 9, 2012

Science Club - Weather

Our Science club finished up our plants unit and started our weather unit.  I am teaching the weather unit and it is going pretty well so far.

For the first club we talked about wearing different clothing for different weather.  I had 3 pieces of clothing for several different types of weather.  I would then call out the weather and the kids would run around and find a piece of clothing that matched that weather and put it on.

Snow (hat, coat, scarf):


hot sunny: (shorts, sunglasses and flip flops):


Rainy (umbrella, rain boots, and rain coat):


Snow again:


Next we read a story about snow and painted a snowy scene (I drew snowflakes, snowman, and their names in white crayon).  They painted on top with blue water color paint:


Next we made a rainy picture.  On the back of each piece of paper I wrote why those types of weather are important (from the science book).



Next I handed out wax paper balls and we had a snowball fight:


I didn’t get a picture of the next two lessons :(.  We did one lesson at the pumpkin patch and drew the weather outside.  We also talked about how weather can change things.  Like as the weather gets cooler the leaves change color and fall off of the tree.  Or when it rains in the dessert a cactus fills out and holds more water.  We also charted the weather for a week and how it changes through out the week or even day.

The other lesson we talked about the seasons in the year and why we have them.  We also discussed how some places have a rainy/dry season and not 4 seasons  like we do.  We talked about the weather in those seasons.  We also talked about how the weather effects animals.  Some hibernate, some grow more fur, some stay in their homes more and some migrate to warmer locations. 

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