Friday, November 16, 2012

The Sumerians: Tablet School

We have been working through one lesson in Mystery of History each week.  Then we always do some sort of hands on activity.  Some have been a simple game of telephone while others have been more elaborate. 

This one was pretty simple but Sammy thought it was a lot of fun!  I bought some Crayola Terra Cotta Air Dry Clay.  We rolled it out into a tablet.  Then Sammy (with some help) wrote out the ABC's on his tablet.  He needed help with this since he is a lefty he kept squishing his finished letters.  Since we used air dry clay we had to poke holes then connect them to draw the letters.  Then we just left the tablet out until it dried.  Then we talked about how the Sumerians had 600 letters and how much harder that would be to learn than our 26 letters.


Our finished tablet (it says Sammy at the bottom he wrote that part on his own):  DSC_0025

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