Friday, November 23, 2012

What’s Going on At Our Homeschool?

We prepped for Hurricane Sandy.  After I knew we were in the clear for losing power I went to put things back to normal.  I, however, couldn’t just pull the drain and waste the water.  So we did a sink float experiment.  Sammy thought it was so cool that the pumpkin floated:
As I pulled some things off of our corkboard I got pictures of a few things I hadn’t shared on the blog.  Sammy and I colored the Mystery of History coloring page:
Sammy’s cute rabbit craft from his handwriting program:
Sammy made this hilarious dinosaur book!  That is a T-Rex and a man that fell down saying wooohahhh:
A stegosaurs and a man that fell down saying wooohahhh:
The end:
A painting Sammy did in co-op.  It is a boat in a sea with a sun:
Sammy and I did some copy-cat Picasso paintings.  Here is mine:
I wished I had taken a picture of Sammy’s before he painted.  It was really a great drawing.. the painting was a little tough for him:
Doing a daily drawing!  These are so fun.. he draws whatever he wants then I write out what it was!
Writing the first letter of this knight worksheet from Homeschool Creations:
Working on his math-u-see primer:
I wrote out Sammy’s memory verse with a marker and he wrote over top of it in pencil.  He then illustrated the verse.  This wasn’t something he loved so we aren’t doing it anymore.   We will have to try it again next year!