Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas School

We are still doing school this month.  It, however, will be light and lots of fun!  We will be keeping up with our math and reading but adding in lots of fun Christmas activates.  We will be using Truth in the Tinsel again this year to focus on the birth of Jesus. 

I wanted some other school activities to focus on the story of Jesus this season.  That was when my friend Dawn released her preschool nativity pack!  She is selling her nativity pack for $1.  For each pack she sells she is donating $1 to Show Hope.  Show Hope cares for orphans  and helps to fun adoption grants.

Sammy is on the older side for these printables.  However, there are some wonderful pages in their for preschoolers and early Kindergarten.  Sammy had a lot of fun with the pages I printed for him.  He worked on some of the handwriting pages:


He had fun doing the roll and graph page but LOVED answering the questions about the graph results.  I didn’t get any pictures of that one.. mostly because he used the whole room to roll the die. 

The starting letter page was a review page for him but he enjoyed it none the less:


Sammy loves do-a-dot pages and the star page did not disappoint.  We talked about how the wise men followed the star to find Jesus:


However, Sammy’s all time favorite thing in this pack was the rolling game.  The first person to cover up their donkey wins the game.  We played this game everyday for a week:

DSC_0160 We also built some nativity words with plastic letter tiles and then traced them.  This was a great time to review the nativity story.  So if you are looking for some meaningful and education activities for your kids this Christmas season check out Dawn’s Christmas Nativity preschool pack.