Thursday, December 27, 2012

Droid Photo Dump

Things have been super busy around here.. but things are good!  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! I promise I will be around a little more consistently than I was this month!  I realized I haven’t pulled pictures off my phone since September!! So I was a little selective but here is my phone photo dump.

Sammy and his buddy Noelle riding the metro to the national zoo.  This was Sammy’s first time riding on the metro.. he loved it!


Tim’s Dad rode in this crazy thing!  It’s called a powered parachute.  There was a pilot and then he rode in the back.  This was his birthday gift from the family.


Sammy took this picture of Grandpa above the sun:


Country Road take me home: 2012-09-30_16-58-59_842 

I was going through some clothes and giving some away.  Sammy made himself comfortable on the boxes:


Working hard on his daily drawing:


These were from teaching the 3 year olds at co-op.. aren’t they so cute:

2012-10-05_11-23-02_814 We bought some LED bulbs for our dinning room light and they were all suppose to be the same.. They were 3 different colors out of the 5 we purchased.. Tim and I were amazed!


This is a terrible picture.. but it is what I sent to my parents while they were in Hawaii and swimming in the ocean.  It was September I believe:


Sammy earned an ice cream from chick-fil-a for working hard in school:


This is what Sammy wore for pictures at co-op.. you will see later what the picture looked like…


Tim’s new ornament “Willie Wire-hands” from the electric cooperative.  His feet are actually an outlet:


Electronic vegging out:


I love the valley :-) and I could totally live in that log cabin:


Backyard fire pit night:


My office. that is a USB man in a noose hanging from the coat hook that looks like a man.. You might have to been there.. but I found it hilarious..


I seriously found this in my mailbox.. it wasn’t suppose to come to us.. we delivered it to its correct home since it was the craziest thing I have ever found in my mailbox!


Sammy’s co-op picture.. he apparently got hot and took off his sweater and did an awesomely cheesy classic school picture grin:


Hurricane Sandy starting to blow in.. we didn’t get hit hard but some of electric cooperative’s customers did:


Sammy made a clothes line during quite time and wanted to send Daddy a picture of it:


Playing dinosaur train trouble:

2012-10-30_17-28-40_860 Tim doing some work for the church.. mind you we both dislike apple products and they were breeding on our dinning room table.. Tim said there is entirely to much fruit in this room:


Boy and boy’s best friend in a box ;-)


Another quite time creation.. it’s a windmill:


Ahem.. someone is learning to spell:


Date night to my favorite band’s concert.. yay Carbon Leaf:

2012-11-16_21-17-21_482  Christmas puzzle:


Major progress.. I wish I could say it is finished.. I hope to get it done soon though:


This boy cracks me up all the time:


Coloring the picture on his handwriting page:


Sammy did a whole day of school in his reindeer antlers:


umm yea.. snake costume, army canteen, knight sword, Zorro mask, crown, and Santa Clause hat:


no words:


Sammy doing his cap for sale role playing:


Hair cut:


Christmas Eve at my parents wore this guy out:


Christmas Eve dusting:


Tim’s sister does some dog rescuing. .here is her current rescue Daisy.. and she is so sweet and loved to snuggle.  Poor pup has had a tough life so far.. but hopefully much easier from here on out!  When Becca got her you could see all of her ribs, whole hip bone, and had mastitis that rupture something.. she is now much much healthier and very gentle.. and who doesn’t love a lap warmer: