Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A New Year – 1,000+ Thankful List

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41. The fresh start a new year gives us

42. An unseasonable warm weekend (hello 70 in January!)

43. Extended Christmas – Some of Tim’s family was sick over Christmas so we got to celebrate with them this past weekend.  We also got to celebrate with some good friends this weekend too.

44. My Grandmother’s bookshelf – My Dad brought this by a few weeks ago.  It looks beautiful in our family room and gave us tons of extra room for our homeschool materials.  I will try and get a picture soon to share with you.

45. A five year old that did awesome at his 2nd dentist appointment and all of his teeth looked great!

46. That same sweet five year old that was tired during quite time and covered himself up and took a nap (must be the dark rainy day it is making me want to take a nap as well)!

47. Awesome curriculum that makes teaching a child to read so easy and enjoyable!  We love All About Reading and need to order level 2 soon!

48. Warm fuzzy blankets and mint hot chocolate

49. A house to keep the rain off our heads and keep us warm

50. Getting books in the mail