Friday, January 18, 2013

Back to School

So looking back through our school posts from this year I have a lot of pictures of Sammy working at his desk.  He doesn’t spend very much time there.. it is just when he is still so I can get pictures easier.  I am going to work to do a better job of taking pictures of Sammy during more of our moving around activities!

Sammy working on his handwriting page.  He had to draw in his face:


Sammy working on his Explode the Code book 1.5 with his pups watching:


We finished up our science club weather unit.  I had this sticker book of Max and Ruby playing in the different seasons.  So we did that and talked about the things we had learned during our weather unit:


And a little sneak peak at what we did in history last week:  DSC_0047-001 

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