Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Eve

We continued our Christmas Eve tradition of going to my parents house.  We open presents then have a delicious meal together.   My parents did the holiday house tour in their neighborhood this year and I just LOVED seeing their house all decked out a few weeks before Christmas.  They had taken some of it down before Christmas Eve to make it a little more kid friendly for all of us!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

   A white Christmas Eve on the lake: DSC_0035 

The train conductor:


Gracie’s sweet little grin behind her pacifier:


Sammy opening his first Christmas present an awesome sword and shield: DSC_0044 

Our sweet little knights:


Christmas Chaos.. Love it :-)


Some cousin playtime:


After dinner and some playtime we headed back over the mountain to our house.  It was snowing but we decided to brave it to head over to Tim’s sisters’ house for another family meal and hang out time.  Sammy grabbed their hobby horse  and pretended to go fight dragons:


We decided to put Sammy to bed at their house for a little while before heading home.  Sammy found a comfy seat with Uncle Greg to open his first present from us.  Christmas jammies (I pre-wash them so he can wear them to bed that night):


Love my little comedian:


Sammy wanted me to take a picture of him pretending to sleep: