Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas in January

Tim’s brother’s family got sick with the flu the day after Christmas and weren’t able to make it down until last weekend.  The weather was amazing for January in Virginia, a beautiful 70 degree day.  We had fun shooting off the stomp rocket in Tim’s parent’s front yard before having lunch and opening presents.

The two oldest cousins having fun with the stomp rocket:


Sammy got that one way up there (can you find it?):


We tried to get a picture of all three cousins.. but the sun was bright and they didn’t want to cooperate.. still turned out kinda cute:


I gave Sammy some of my old sun glasses out of the car in hopes of getting a picture of them on the swing:


This is the best one I got:


Kylee opening disney princess fingernail polish from Sammy:


Sammy opening his new game spot it:


Kira opening bath toys from us:

DSC_0071-001 Sammy and Nicia snuggling.. the best part is Nicia saying, “Did I wiggle this much?”  Everyone that heard her said, “Yes” in unison!