Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Later Morning

After we finished opening presents we headed over to Tim’s parents to celebrate with his family.  Tim’s sister drew Tim’s name in the gift exchange and she helped me get Tim’s big gift this  year.  We got Tim a bass direct box with distortion pedal:DSC_0136 

Tim’s dad always said you couldn’t take the slim out of okra so one of his sister’s got him some okra chips to try.. we all tried them.. they certainly got slimy when you ate them ;-)


Becca opening some presents:


That is me thumbs downing Nicia’s steelers t-shirt:


Tim drew Nicia’s name this year and we had fun finding gifts for her.  I think she loved them all:


Me opening up one my gifts.  I love practical gifts and I got some great ones this year.  I think I was opening a butter dish.. can you believe I only had a really fancy silver one from my grandmother!  DSC_0153 Sammy checking out some of the levers on his new imaginext space rover:  DSC_0160 

I think one of the highlights for me was watching Sammy read the tags on his gifts and find the people that the gift was from in the room:


A super cool 3-D dinosaur puzzle from grandma and grandpa:


This was the year of swords for Sammy and man have they been put to use.  I am just glad this came with two so we can defend ourselves:

DSC_0165 This was the first year that we put Sammy’s name into the rotation.  He drew Aunt Reatha’s name and he had so  much fun picking gifts for her.  I, unfortunately, did not get a picture of her with his presents.  But he picked out a really pretty scarf and some jewelry for her.  I told him what we were going to get but he picked out the gifts and I am so proud of him.  He really thought about the colors that Reatha wears and picked out some really pretty gifts!


Some Christmas chaos :-)


Sammy found a comfy seat while Greg opened his gifts:


Greg is a drummer but doesn’t have room in his current apartment for a set of drums.  So Tim’s parents got him these finger drums.  Sammy loved playing them with him:  DSC_0178 

This cutie was curled up on the top of the sofa during all of the presents and I had to get a picture of him:  DSC_0182 

Not a flattering picture at all.. but loved it to much not to share.  We were hanging out and enjoying our time with family: