Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning.  We love the quite of just our family in the morning.  Making memories in our house means so much to me!  I have wonderful memories of the holidays and family time growing up and I want Sammy to have the same.  I love that I captured this picture of Sammy checking out the Christmas tree with presents underneath it:


This year I was very intentional about the the gifts I bought and the things I put in Sammy’s stocking.  I really took my time to pick out things that I knew he would love and wouldn’t break in a few days.  The one exception to this was the penguin that poops out candy.. He saw it one day when we were shopping and didn’t stop talking about it after that.  Everyday since Christmas he has offered me some penguin poop ;-) Gotta love boys:


My favorites.. Recess peanut butter cups:


Tim checking out his stocking stuffers:


Sammy with his presents about to get started.  We tried to really think about gifts that Sammy would love this year.  I think we did a pretty good job.  We didn’t go as over the top as we usually do.  So I am proud of us (okay myself) for that! 


Sammy loved his spiderman fishing pole almost as much as he loves fishing.  I looked and looked for a left handed fishing pole and finally gave up and got him a spiderman one.  It was a big hit!DSC_0084 

Christmas snuggles as a thanks for the gifts we got him!  Such a sweet boy:


The family gift was a Wii game.  This boy loves to play video games and loves it even more when we join in with him :-)


This might be my favorite Christmas picture:


Tipsy got some Christmas presents too!  She was pretty content just laying with her bone and new collar:


Sammy’s big gift.. Imaginext T-Rex:


Tim opening his presents:


I got Tim this little android figurine to put on his desk at work.  His office uses all iPhone phones so I got him that to show where his allegiances lie:DSC_0121

Me with my big gift!  I LOVE board games and Tim picked out Dominion for me!  We have been playing this a ton and LOVING IT!!! DSC_0128