Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals for 2013

So I just looked at my goals for 2012 and I only accomplished 2 out of the 10 that I set for last year!  Whew that is terrible!! This year I am going to  break down my goals into more measureable goals.  I am also going to check in once a month so I can be more accountable and and see when I miss a goal and correct it before the end of the year.  So onto the goals!

1. Read through the bible chronologically with the you version app (truth be told I started this early in December when I finished reading through from last year.

2. Project 365 – if I miss a picture or two my goal is to keep going!  I found a cool site (Capture Your 365) with photo challenges for when I am having a hard time thinking of something to do for my picture :-)

3. Keep up with Motivated Moms cleaning plan.  I actually bought it for my phone this year (wasn’t available last year).  My goal is to do everything for the week within the week.  Some days are just to busy to get everything on the list done!

4. Knitting – I haven’t done any knitting in a long time!  I want to learning some new skills this year and just knit more frequently.  I want to learn 5 new techniques this year and make some handmade gifts.

5. Sewing – I want to take a sewing class or two this year.  I have a pretty basic  skill set and I want to increase my knowledge and ability.  My parent’s got me sewing class gift certificate so this will certainly help with this goal!

6. Make 1 homemade gift for each person for Christmas.  In order to achieve this and not go crazy I need to do 1.5 gifts each month.

7. Blog 20 times a month.  This might be way to hard.  But I want my goals to stretch me and grow me this year!

8. Finish up the Kindergarten and start First Grade with Sammy!

9. Purge and deep clean one room a month.

    • January – Kitchen
    • February – Family Room (including the coat closet)
    • March – Yard (clean up debris, stuff from under deck, etc.)
    • April – Garage
    • May – Cars
    • June – Shed
    • July – Sammy’s Bedroom
    • August – Master Bedroom
    • September – Laundry room and linen closet
    • October – Bathrooms
    • November - Guest Bedroom
    • December - Dinning room

10. Print pictures- I have a confession.. I haven’t printed a single picture since Sammy’s first birthday.  My goal for this year is to print 2 years worth of pictures and then put them in simple albums.  This means I will need to print 2 months worth each month.