Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Growing Boy- 1,000+ Thankful List

thankful button
51. Football – even if my Skins aren’t in the playoffs anymore.
52. Date Day – My parents took Sammy to the water park near our house on Saturday.  Tim and I had so much fun running errands and doing some fun shopping.  Thanks Mom and Dad!
53. Growing boy – Sammy was super brave at the water park and went down the big water slides (the ones you can’t use a life vest with) and he LOVED them!
54. Growing boy – We bought Sammy some new sneakers.. He was wearing size 11 and his new ones are size 13!! Sad news is they are lace ups.. Someone will be learning to tie his shoes *winks*.
55. Finances – to pay for things we need (food, new shoes for Sammy and Tim, electricity, etc.) and for fun things (a case for Tim’s bass, eating out this weekend, and gas to do fun things around town).
56.  Time to Read – currently reading The Mark of Athena – yes it’s a teen book, but my sister-in-law lent it to me and its a fun read.
57. Nerdy Husbands – I say that out of love and the fact that I am nerdy too.. but he loves working on things and I love the fruit of his labor!
58. Bad Piggies – Sammy loves this game, and it’s amazing what he can learn from building things to beat the levels.
59. Survivor- I love that TV show.. I know its old, but it is pretty much the only show I consistently watch.
60. Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Sammy is loving this book and so am I!