Friday, January 25, 2013

Non- Desk School

So last week I said I was going to take pictures of things we did away from our desk.  Which I did do!  But I didn’t get very many pictures :-P I will try and get a few more next week!
Sammy and I played word bingo several times this week.  He loved the games and I realized how fast he can read 3 letter words!
I realized we were in a school rut and hadn’t been doing very many fun crafts!  I fixed that week with this fun cotton ball snowman.  We made this while sitting next to our craft cabinet.  We pulled things out of our stash to make a pretty cute snowman.  We used cotton balls, googly eyes, two pipe cleaners twisted together, glitter clue, and a dyed orange noodle for the nose.
In science we learned about how the earth turns and this changes it from day to night.  We used a candle to represent the sun and then we put a post it note on the earth where we live.  As we turned the earth we said weather it was daytime or night time. 
We have been using Homeschool Creations’ The Mitten printables.  After reading the story we did the which one is different page:
We also went roller skating for the first time!  Sammy thought this was so much fun and we will certainly be going again!