Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1,000+ Thankful List – Giggles to Glop

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71. A little boy that loves to make his mommy laugh

72. A kind neighbor that lets our dog out when we will be gone for 15 hours straight

73. A sweet husband that helps me cancel the cards in my wallet after it was stolen and helps me to get them replaced

74. No activity on any of the cards after the wallet was stolen

75. My husband’s job that he enjoys so much

76. A little boy’s love of reading that continues to grow each day

77. A wonderful library where we can find so many wonderful books to share together

78. A husband that isn’t afraid to experiment in the kitchen and make amazing glop

79. A husband that doesn’t mind that I sometimes have NO plans for dinner when he gets home from work

80. A day when I could sit and watch the snow fall (even if it wasn’t accumulating on the ground)